Episode 199

Flute 360 | Episode 199: “Tampere Flute Fest with Sébastian Jacot!”

Join Heidi and the Tampere Flute Fest for its third annual Finnish festival! This year, TFF is highlighting amazing events, such as guest artist recitals, masterclasses, competitions for all ages, and a youth day! This festival has something for everyone!

Today’s special guest is Sébastian Jacot who is an international solo and orchestral flutist. In today’s episode, he talks about honing your musical voice, how to meet and overcome obstacles, and how to challenge yourself when seeking growth! Enjoy!

Do you want the full transcription of today’s talk? Then please click this link! Please note, that the transcriptions have been electronically transcribed. If there are any errors, please accept our apologies in advance. Also, you can download the file below. Enjoy!

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Episode 199
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