Dr. Heidi Kay Begay

Creator & Host of the Flute 360 Podcast


Dr. Heidi Kay Begay is a self-employed teacher, flutist, podcaster, entrepreneur, and non-profit organizer. Heidi currently teaches flute remotely and throughout the metropolis of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. In the past, she has taught at campuses including Tarrant County College’s Trinity River Campus (TX) and Eastern New Mexico University.

Heidi has an ongoing interest in performing internationally, nationally, and locally. Recent performances have taken place in Greece, Italy, Louisiana, Orlando, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Texas. She was a recent competitor at the Cluj International Music Competition in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in July of 2019.

Heidi is the creator and host of the Flute 360 podcast, which delivers free, educational episodes through various podcast platforms. In-person and remote presentations have taken place across the globe, where Heidi shares her knowledge about the podcasting and entrepreneurial world. Such presentations have been held in Herndon (VA), Orlando (FL), Crowley (TX), Amherst (MA), Madison (NJ), Georgetown (TX), Farmington (NM), Lubbock (TX), Duluth (MN), Greensboro (NC), Helsinki (FIN), Sofia (BGR), Bucharest (ROU), Thessaloniki (GRC), Salt Lake City (UT), Elmhurst (IL), Downers Grove (IL), Mendota (IL), Port Aransas (TX), Commerce (TX), Denton (TX), and Arlington (TX). Finally, the Flute 360 podcast is grateful to have received over fourteen corporate sponsorships and over 45,000 downloads, since its inception!

In addition to Heidi’s entrepreneurial endeavors, she is a course creator and a creative consultant. Two remote classes that are currently available are, “The Podcasting Musician” and “Generating Income as a Podcaster Through Corporate Sponsorships.” These courses have different offerings, which include PDFs, video streams, and/or remote classes. Also, Heidi serves musicians and podcasters as a creative consultant in areas such as marketing, career development, among others.

Finally, Heidi works with non-profit organizations at the national and international levels. She is on the Archives & Oral History Committee through the National Flute Association and holds the Career & Artistic Development position through the Tampere Flute Fest in Finland. Former positions through the Texas Flute Society include executive and festival committee roles, such as president, president-elect, treasurer, registration coordinator, festival co-chair, and industry/commercial liaison.

Heidi’s degrees include a D.M.A. from Texas Tech University (Dr. Lisa Garner Santa), an M.M. from Northwestern State University of Louisiana (Dr. Dennette Derby McDermott), and a B.A. in Music (Dr. Brian A. Luce) from the University of Arizona. Additional teachers include Dr. Nevart Galileas (Greece), Don Bailey (Texas), and Dr. Diane Boyd-Schultz (Alabama).

Flutist & Piccoloist

Welcome! I would like to share with you some upcoming music events that you might enjoy!

Currently, I am working on a performance project with Chase the Music (Colorado) and a musical commission with composer, Ronald Royer (Canada). Please check back soon for the latest updates regarding these two projects!

Finally, I will be a guest artist through the International Virtual Festival in Canada in February 2022. This festival will highlight flute works written by women composers. Please message me for more information. I would love to see you there!


I have a deep passion for helping students of all ages and abilities to reach new musical and entrepreneurial heights!

The Spring 2021 semester has come to an end, but here are some past events that I participated in.

March 23, 2021: Presentation at Tampere Flute Fest: “What Else Is Out There?”
March 25, 2021: Northwestern State University of Louisiana: Flute Masterclass Clinician
March 26, 2021: Presentation at Hartwick College: “Podcasting – An Entrepreneurial Opportunity for the Modern-Day Musician!”
March 30, 2021: Eastern New Mexico University: Flute Masterclass Clinician
April 01, 2021: Presentation at Eastern New Mexico University: “Podcasting – An Entrepreneurial Opportunity for the Modern-Day Musician!”
April 09, 2021: Guest Feature via NR Media’s, Virtual Summit for Coaches, Consultants & Service Providers
April 12, 2021: Guest Feature via Dr. Terri Sánchez’s, “Flutist Pioneers!” Episode 05!
May 01-02, 2021: Presenter at the Montana Flute Festival

Creative Consultant

I enjoy mentoring creative artists (musicians & podcasters) who want to level-up within their careers. Past and current creative help includes (but is not limited to) editing career documents, marketing strategies, technical aide with recording equipment, career & podcast advice, and much more! If you would like to work together, please message me! I look forward to working with you soon!

Course Creator

In 2020, I created and designed two remote classes that I am proud to offer you!

The first class is titled, “The Podcasting Musician” and it shows the modern-day musician how they can acquire a piece of digital real estate through the podcasting medium. Podcasts that have been created from this class include, “Heart of the Artist,” “The Unclassical Musician,” & “Conservastory.” Please support these artists by subscribing to their show. The class will be offered remotely in May of 2021. If you are interested, please visit my “Products & Services” for more details!

The second class is titled, “Generating Income as a Podcaster Through Corporate Sponsorships!” This class focuses on the art of enrollment, creating the necessary forms & attachments, and much more! I’ve had the pleasure to work with podcasters at the global level to achieve their monetary goal! Success stories include podcasters from Canada and the United States! This class will be offered remotely in May of 2021. If you are interested, please visit my “Products & Services” for more details!