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Flute Music by Women Composers: An International Online Festival will occur during the month of February 2022.

This is a special occasion where we, as musicians, get to celebrate women composers on a global level. The Flute 360 podcast is thrilled to partner with the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO), based in Ontario, Canada, to lead this festival. Other partners include the Canadian Music Centre and the Alliance of Canadian Women Composers (both national organizations).

The goal is to collaborate with other music festivals to support each other’s events through collaboration and cross-promotion. This is a time for sharing and connecting musicians, audiences, and expressive flute music that transcends our different cultures, languages, and borders.

The festival is looking to include videos of flute solo, flute and piano, or chamber music (that features the flute) by performers and women composers from outside of Canada. The videos will be posted to the SPO’s YouTube Channel and will be promoted by the festival.

Please consider being a part of this 2022 International Music Festival. Please click on this embedded link to retrieve the video proposal letter and application forms. We would appreciate hearing from you!