Episode 172

Flute 360 | Episode 172: “Let’s Take Action Together!” (15:42)
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In today’s episode, Heidi gives you a podcast update. There are a lot of wonderful things happening right now and she shares with you upcoming events that you can be a part of. Listen to this short episode to find out about the UMBS summit, a free quartet score that you can download, and a video proposal that you can submit through the SPO’s international festival. Show-up and your future self will thank you tenfold! Enjoy!

E172 – Resources Mentioned:

Join Us Through These International Events!

  • The Ultimate Music Business Summit – January 2022 
    • Want to attend a virtual summit to learn about music business in-depth? Then visit UMBS’ website, submit your information, and we will see you January 6-8, 2022! Enjoy over 30 presenters who are experts within the field to give you actionable steps to enhance your music business for 2022 and beyond!
  • Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra’s February 2022 Festival
    • Want to be a featured flutist at this international festival? Then follow this link and submit your video proposal, today! The deadline is 11/01/2021!
  • Tampere Flute Festival – April 2022
    • The 2022 international flute festival’s dates will be announced soon! Please check back for the latest! Thanks!

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Episode 172
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