Episode 47

Flute 360 | Episode 47: “Competition Repertoire Guides with Peter Senchuk” (54:50)
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In today’s episode, Heidi talks with composer Peter Senchuk about his Sonata for Flute and Piano (2016) in great detail. Peter talks about the overall idea of his sonata, the premiere of the work, and Heidi offers some performance suggestions. Part Two of Peter’s Flute Sonata is one of the repertoire requirements for the NFA’s Convention Performers Competition. Good luck to everyone who is submitting an application!

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PROGRAM NOTES:  Sonata for flute & piano

When I sat down to start writing the Sonata for flute and piano, I knew I wanted to highlight the lyrical and virtuosic qualities of the flute. I decided to set the piece in two movements, each exploring a different quality.

The first movement – Part One – opens with a cadenza that starts simply and slowly and then gains both speed and complexity. After the cadenza, the piano joins the flute and the music settles in to a relaxed and serene theme. As the movement progresses, the music becomes more restless, until finally arriving back at a calm restatement of the opening theme.

Part Two opens with a lively interplay between the flute and piano which then leads to a quick, dance like theme. Mainly in 6/8, the steady pulse is occasionally interrupted by different meters. The middle section brings a slightly darker theme that has a hint of jazz influence in the melodic and harmonic material. The piece concludes in an energetic mood with lively technical passages for the flute.

Sonata for flute and piano was commissioned in 2016 by Pam Youngblood. It was premiered by Pam Youngblood – flute, and Gabriel Bita – piano, at the 2016 National Flute Association Convention in San Diego, CA.

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