Episode 25

Flute 360 | Episode 25: “Newsletter Announcement!” (4:13)
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In today’s episode, Heidi announces that she will be featured in a 2t Flute Academy’s September’s Newsletter, which will be available through the company’s website and YouTube. World-renown composer and musician, Christopher Caliendo, operates the 2t Flute Academy. In this video newsletter, I offer five tips to the teacher, student, and administrator in the spirit of a new academic year having begun. Check out their website and YouTube for the upcoming video newsletter!

Episode 25 – Main Points:

  • Video Newsletter! (1:00)
  • 2t Flute Academy’s Mission (1:31)
  • Check-out the 2t Flute Academy’s Website (2:03)
  • 5 tips for the academic year! (2:24)
  • Series 5 launches next Saturday! (3:16)

Episode 25 – Resources Mentioned:

Episode 25
Episode 25