Episode 233

Flute 360 | Episode 233: “Combatting Perfectionism with Elizabeth Rowe”

Do you struggle with perfectionism? You aren’t alone! 

I polled 360ers from across the globe, and this topic resonates with so many flutists & musicians! So, what’s one to do?!

What helps me are the lessons I’ve learned in the business, and one includes the term “minimum viable product” or MVP. 

I’ve learned from business owners that they are OK with putting out services and offerings “hot and messy.” They are OK with the offering (at first) being an MVP because they would much rather see progress over perfection. And as a musician reading this, this probably makes you cringe. 

Why? Because we are taught at a young age to polish, rehearse, and perfect before we put our music into the world. And even then, it may still not be “good enough.” Business owners think differently.

They know that if they wait for that “perfect” offering to go out into the world it will never go out. It will just sit on the shelf and never impact their people, nor will it start generating income for their business. There’s no time like NOW.

Now is the time to not stress out about crossing every T or dotting every I. Now is the time to impact your tribe in mighty ways vs. letting your offerings stew in the background for who knows how long. You’ve got this.

To continue this topic, listen to E233 with the phenomenal Elizabeth Rowe, via Flute 360!

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Episode 233
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