Episode 230

Flute 360 | Episode 230: “How an online flute magazine brought Dr. Yulia Berry success, and you can, too!”

Do you want more musical opportunities for your career?

You aren’t alone! Tons of Flute 360 listeners tell me how they want to build their teaching studio, have more playing gigs, or create new musical opportunities for themselves!

If you are frustrated that one of the two traditional career paths hasn’t panned out for you…no worries! You can deliver your value and your voice to your tribe through any path that you choose.

Take Dr. Yulia Berry, for example. She is one of the co-creators of The Babel Flute online magazine, which has opened countless opportunities for herself and her colleagues! Teaching engagements, remote courses, and more have been her rewards because of the digital space she’s in with her online magazine.

Learn from Yulia today, and apply these lessons to your musical journey! Enjoy!

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Episode 230
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