Episode 183

Flute 360 | Episode 183: “Let’s Talk Music Business with Dr. Katherine Emeneth!”
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In today’s episode, Katherine and Heidi talk about music business. Katherine goes in-depth when it comes to the highs and lows of starting a business, how to launch a digital course, and noticing the breadcrumbs when it comes to your pivot! Katherine holds a wealth of knowledge being a musicpreneur and she shares it with you, today! Don’t miss out on this valuable episode that will help move the needle forward for you and your business! Enjoy!

Katherine Emeneth is the founder of KE Creative; a digital media education company that provides resources for classical musicians who want to stay in the craft on their own terms. She has her own private studio, The Georgia Flute Academy, is a guest speaker at colleges and universities, and enjoys performing with ensembles when she can. She lives in Sugar Hill, Georgia, with her husband, Mathias (the German engineer), dog, Barney (the goofy but loving flute dog), and niece, Katelyn (the cool, bone collecting, high school senior).

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Episode 183
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