Episode 280

Flute 360 | Episode 280: “From Flute Frenzy to Time Mastery: Prioritize Your Passion”

In this episode, Dr. Heidi Begay shares her insights on time management and prioritizing passions for flutists and music entrepreneurs. After taking a three-month break, Heidi returns with strategies and personal experiences to help listeners navigate their busy schedules and align their activities with their true passions. She emphasizes the importance of setting priorities, being adaptable, and incorporating spiritual guidance in managing time effectively.


[00:00] Introduction and welcome back after a break

[02:00] Invitation to join the Flute 360 Family’s Facebook group and importance of community feedback

[04:00] Addressing common challenges with time management among listeners

[06:00] Personal insights on balancing multiple roles and businesses

[08:00] Strategies for identifying and prioritizing what truly matters

[10:00] The significance of setting boundaries and learning to say no

[12:00] Practical tips on scheduling and treating personal tasks with the same importance as appointments

[14:00] Heidi’s approach to incorporating spiritual guidance in time management

[16:00] Closing thoughts and invitation to the next Flute 360 Accelerator Program

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Episode 280
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