Episode 273

Flute 360 | Episode 273: “A True 360 Convo with Dr. Timothy Hagen!”

Do you have trouble saying, “No”?

When was the last time you efficiently managed your time and energy?

Are you still questioning whether or not you deserve rest? 

I guarantee that after listening to this episode, you will return to a place of empathy for yourself in remembering that you are human! It is no secret that we’re not robots, but somehow we can fall into traps of expecting ourselves to perform perfectly or believing that productivity does not include rest. 

After enduring one of the toughest periods of his life, Dr. Timothy Hagen shares his newfound perspectives on the human experience, viewing himself as a business, and building a portfolio career. Plus, listen to the end to hear a question from a fellow 360 listener! 

Episode 273 – Main Points:

  • 4:08 – Tim’s current projects
  • 5:06 – What inspires his compositions 
  • 10:39 – Time management tips
  • 18:18 – A story about saying: “No” 
  • 27:50 – Creating a portfolio career 
  • 31:00 – As an artist, you are a business 
  • 35:46 – How Tim moved forward after graduate school rejections 
  • 39:56 – Knowing your worth and trusting yourself 
  • 42:40 – A question from a 360 listener!
  • 47:07 – Mistakes versus the bigger message
  • 50:50 – Haynes sponsorship events 

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Episode 273
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