Episode 270

Flute 360 | Episode 270: “Students Who Feel Supported Will Thrive!”

Are your students feeling motivated and supported?

If you’re searching for ways to better create an environment for your students to thrive, then look no further!

In this “minisode,” I will share three examples of how I personally foster these relationships within my 360 flute studio.

Whether you’re a teacher or student, I hope that this brief episode will empower you to prioritize connection and communication as paths to achievement and development. 

Lastly, you are personally invited to an upcoming event!

Are you craving a space where you can start to defeat imposter syndrome and performance anxiety once and for all? If so, then I personally invite you to join us for an upcoming five-day challenge that will not only help boost your confidence on and off the stage, but will have you surrounded by supportive flutists. 

You don’t have to endure this agonizing fear of playing in front of people anymore. You can truly let your artistic voice shine through your performances and I can show you how to do that through my method called, “360 Empowerment: Unleashing Your Flute Story.” 

Mark your calendars for November 13th-17th, 2023 for an inspiring session you don’t want to miss. Go to my website at heidikaybegay.com and sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. See you soon!

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Episode 270
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