Episode 227

Flute 360 | Episode 227: “How you can make your own musical opportunities with Serena Huang!” (Part 1)
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Serena Huang is a dear friend, colleague, flutist, educator, and podcaster! This is a two-part series where Serena talks about her winding music career and the creative projects that she’s undertaken! She talks about how she launched her podcast and database! Not only that, but she describes how she’s obtained corporate sponsorships for her creative endeavors, too!

Listen to the episode, follow her Creative Baggage podcast, and check out her database for creatives just like YOU! There are job listings, auditions, internships, and much more through the database “For the Lost Creative!” Use this as a resource for your musical journey!

Lastly, purchase your UMBS ticket below so your music business can LEAP in 2023 and beyond! Thank you!

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Episode 227
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