Episode 16

Flute 360 | Episode 16: “Lessons from Greece!” (13:30)
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In today’s episode, Heidi talks about her travels to Santorini, Athens, and Thessaloniki Greece from these past three weeks. During these travels, she discusses the lessons she’s learned, such as being a supportive teacher, confidence, and traveling to gain new perspectives. Finally, Heidi encourages listeners to send their questions on topics that will be found in Series 4. Topics include cover letters, résumés, letters of recommendations, teaching and recording videos, the interview, and post-interview. Series 4 launches next week on Saturday, July 21, 2018.

Episode 16 – Main Points:

  • Travels to Greece (1:47)
  • Anatolia College’s Summer Music Festival (3:12)
  • Lesson #1 from Greece: Be a Supportive Teacher (3:54)
  • Lesson #2 from Greece: Build Your Confidence (5:24)
  • Lesson #3 from Greece: Travel! (7:40)
  • Series 4 (11:34)

Episode 16 – Resources Mentioned:

Episode 16
Episode 16