Episode 14

Flute 360 | Episode 14: “A Q&A with Dr. Dennette Derby McDermott” (18:20)
NSULA, Louisiana, flute, flute professor, Dr. Dennette Derby McDermott

In today’s episode, Dr. McDermott and Heidi answer questions submitted by Flute 360’s listeners. Topics vary and include: graduate studies in music, performance anxiety, and flute pedagogy for beginners. Please feel free to submit your own question to the show, and Flute 360 will answer in a future episode!

Episode 14 – Main Points:

  • Question 1: Preparation for graduate school (1:42)
    • To take a break or not to take a break – that is the question!
  • Question 2: Performance anxiety and some tips to overcome (5:10)
    • Yoga
    • Exercise
    • It’s a privilege to perform the composer’s piece.
    • Play at senior centers or church to build confidence.
    • Ervin Monroe’s advice – Dr. McDermott’s past teacher.
  • Question 3: Flute pedagogy for beginners (12:28)

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Episode 14
Episode 14