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The Podcasting Musician is an incredibly informative class, providing step-by-step details on podcast creation from scratch to finish. This course is the epitome of top-notch instruction: a well-designed class structure, technical expertise, tangible takeaway points, and strategic resourcefulness. Dr. Begay presents with uttermost clarity of communication, and her aptitude for inspiring others really shines through; I left every class feeling encouraged and invigorated to tackle my assignments. Add light-hearted humor and great conversation as cherries on top, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”  – Arin Sarkissian


Do you want to not only amplify your voice but build your OWN stage?

I hear you! The market is overly-saturated with talented flutists, and you are dying to be seen and heard! You want to build fantastic creative and financial opportunities for your career, but you are unsure how to go about this.

Whether you are trying to build your flute studio, gigging schedule, or any other creative endeavor, it starts with people.

When you are a podcaster, you will inevitably build those meaningful relationships with your podcasting guests and listeners! From these relationships, new budding opportunities unfold. I have seen it time-and-time, again, and I am so passionate about offering you a chance to get your voice out into the world and amplify it from YOUR STAGE! So let us build your podcast together!

With your purchased video, you will receive:

  • Hands-on instruction from podcast experts who have been in the industry since 2015!
  • 12+ video modules that cover the ins-and-outs of how to produce a polished, converting podcast!
  • Be a part of a private Facebook group, so you and the other participants can encourage and utilize each other throughout the process!
  • A FREE 1-hour coaching call with Heidi Kay and Eric Jay to ask us your podcasting questions. You will schedule this call post-purchase. 

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Contents of Video:

  • ○ Welcome & Introduction
  • ○ Your New Podcasting World
  • ○ What is a Podcast?
  • ○ Your Whole Being
  • ○ Cultivating a Business Mindset
  • ○ Podcast’s Theme
  • ○ Podcast’s Equipment
  • ○ Audio Editing with ProTools First
  • ○ Creating Purposeful Content
  • ○ Apple Podcast Approval & Libsyn Know-How
  • ○ Marketing Your Podcast
  • ○ Conclusion & Friendly Reminders


Here's a sneak peek into the video's content! Enjoy!