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Create Your Music Podcast on a Low Budget to Amplify Your Voice & Offerings!



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The Podcasting Musician is an incredibly informative class, providing step-by-step details on podcast creation from scratch to finish. This course is the epitome of top-notch instruction: a well-designed class structure, technical expertise, tangible takeaway points, and strategic resourcefulness. Dr. Begay presents with uttermost clarity of communication, and her aptitude for inspiring others really shines through; I left every class feeling encouraged and invigorated to tackle my assignments. Add light-hearted humor and great conversation as cherries on top, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”  – Arin Sarkissian


Are you a musician who is looking for a platform to amplify your unique voice and offerings? If so, create your podcast today! By creating and publishing your podcast, you are buying a piece of digital real estate that can add exponential value to your business!

I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that a podcast would create endless opportunities for me! But it has, and it can do the same for you, too! Through your podcast, you will connect with your tribe on an intimate, authentic, and genuine level. They will be approaching you at flute stores, festivals, and recitals asking: “Are you the host of the…podcast?” in no time! Better yet, you will receive heartfelt messages from your listeners who want to be in communion with you! And not only that, but the like and trust factor will be so high that they will want to purchase what you have to offer!

Create your podcast through, “The Podcasting Musician’s” video. I walk you through how to produce your podcast from scratch to launch in under 4 weeks! You’ll design your podcast throughout the class, and by the time it’s over…you’ll have a published show!

Your tribe is out there waiting for you! You have a unique skill set and voice to offer this world, and now is the time to share it!

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Contents of Video:

  • ○ Welcome & Introduction
  • ○ Your New Podcasting World
  • ○ What is a Podcast?
  • ○ Your Whole Being
  • ○ Cultivating a Business Mindset
  • ○ Podcast’s Theme
  • ○ Podcast’s Equipment
  • ○ Audio Editing with ProTools First
  • ○ Creating Purposeful Content
  • ○ Apple Podcast Approval & Libsyn Know-How
  • ○ Marketing Your Podcast
  • ○ Conclusion & Friendly Reminders


Here's a sneak peek into the video's content! Enjoy!