“Dr. Begay is the first and one of the best flute private tutors my daughter has had. She is always encouraging and caring. She is not only a flute teacher but also a best friend, big sister, serious instructor, and mentor who is always there trying to help.  My daughter studied for one year with her, and she fell in love with the flute immediately after several lessons with her. We are so appreciative of what she did.” 

– Ran (Parent)

“Dr. Begay has a driven and focused teaching style. She helps her students set realistic goals and will be very adamant about reaching those goals. Due to her attentiveness, she can cater the lessons to each of her students’ specific needs. Dr. Begay is willing to do whatever is necessary to help her students succeed and that dedication is very rare among most teachers.”                                                                  

 – Annika (Flute Student)

“After my flute lessons with Heidi Begay, I found that I was more confident in my abilities and myself. Anytime I didn’t think that I could perform a piece or perfect a scale, Dr. Begay would show me that with a little hard work, and confidence in myself, I could do anything I put my mind to. Even though I have stopped playing the flute after I have come to college, my time with private lessons has given me a sense of accomplishment and has shown me that in any task, with a little hard work, I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Heidi Begay believed in me even when I didn’t, and for that I am grateful.”                     

– Caitlin (Flute Student)

“I just completed my 8-week semester course with Dr. Begay. This was one of my most challenging classes. She is willing to answer any questions or concerns you might have. I definitely do not regret enrolling in her class.”                    – Tarrant County College Student


“Heidi’s energy, musicianship, beautiful tone, and musical phrasing combine to make her a stunning and compelling concert artist. It is unusual when high-level performers are extraordinary teachers as well, and Heidi is just that.”                               

– Dr. Nevart Galileas

“I was fortunate, and pleased, to attend Heidi’s first post-DMA lecture recital at the National Flute Association’s annual convention in Orlando. On this international stage, she was in her element.”                                                                                                

– Don Bailey

Flute 360 Coaching Packages

Marketing Services:
“Heidi has done an incredible job marketing our company. I’ve been so impressed with her performance and work ethic. She has set a new standard of excellence for our company. Heidi is extremely dependable and always exceeds expectations. When I need someone to get a project completed she is quick to finish the task and surpass expectations.”
“Dr. Begay helped me prepare for an application process, providing invaluable advice for my CV, cover letter, and a mock interview. I felt vastly more confident in myself and my materials after her help, and my skills clearly benefited. It’s clear she has the experience, perspective, and meticulousness to be a valuable resource for anyone working on CV’s, cover letters, recordings, and interviews.”

Flute 360 Podcast Guests

“Heidi Kay Begay has a naturally engaging manner. She puts everyone at ease and visits important topics and discussions that are relevant to all of us in the community. It was a joy to work with her and to listen in to her other episodes. Thank you, Heidi, for all you do for so many!”

– Marianne Gedigian

“Heidi is an amazing interviewer. Heidi is inquisitive, kind and respectful and it was a pleasure talking with her. Actually, it was hard for me to shut-up.”

“I’ve been a big fan of the Flute 360 series since early on! I love hearing my friends and idols talk about themselves! You’ve got a wonderful way of eliciting our thoughts much more deeply than the typical interview, while also keeping us from getting too carried away so the podcasts stay compelling. Your many modes of dissemination make it amazingly convenient to find Flute 360 no matter what our listening habits are, and I love your time map table breaking down where new topics start in each interview. Thanks Heidi, for being such an amazing and essential resource!”

–Daniel Dorff

“Heidi’s Flute 360 presentation for my college flute studio was super engaging and informative. The students learned so much about podcasting and all of the behind the scenes logistics on running and recording a podcast. In addition, we all had so much fun! I highly recommend having Heidi present this unique workshop to your students!”

– Dr. Julee Kim Walker

“A welcoming space for conversation and exchange! Thank you for your passion for dialogue, Heidi!”

Weronika Balewski