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Begay, H. K. (2018, May). Flute 360 Podcast. Podcast available: & Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.

ABSTRACT: This research project is comprised of two parts: a written document stating the need for a flute podcast, and a published podcast titled, Flute 360: A Podcast for the Modern-Day Musician. The document discusses the necessary equipment to produce a podcast, and the increasing demand both educationally and privately for such a medium. The continued interest and utilization of podcast technology by public and private sectors allows this to be a viable research area. Podcasts are exploding in popularity due to their free content via an intimate connection between host and listener. By using the wide availability of the Internet, which is available to working musicians and amateurs alike, Flute 360 podcast is a scholarly resource as well as a positive influence within the flute community’s daily, professional lives. The podcast entails four-episode series, for a total of eight episodes. Flute 360 covers a variety of topics that will aid the professional flutist throughout their musical career. Series one of the podcast includes topics regarding health: physical exercises to prevent music-related injuries, an anti-inflammatory diet, essential oils, and the benefits of rest. Series two contains topics related to starting and maintaining a successful flute studio: building your private flute studio, the organization within your studio, tax information for the self-employed musician, and student success. To complement the audio portion of these podcasts, show notes and a transcription of each podcast episode is included. The podcast can be retrieved at, and in the iTunes podcast store.


Begay, H. K. (2009, May). Finding the Hopi-Indian Traits in Katherine Hoover’s Kokopeli and Winter Spirits for Solo Flute. Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana.

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study is to examine two solo flute pieces, Kokopeli, op. 43 (1990) and Winter Spirits, op. 51 (1997) by the American composer Katherine Hoover. Hoover is recognized within the music community as a distinguished flutist, conductor, teacher, theorist, and composer. Although Ms. Hoover composes for various instrumentations, she is widely known for her flute compositions. A brief biography of the composer and a list of her published works are included. Hoover’s inspiration to write these two works is directly connected to the Native Americans; more specifically, the Hopi-Indian tribe. Since her inspirations derive from the Hopi-Indian tribe of the southwest, the beginning chapters cover historical information on these peoples, their ceremonial music, their religion, and the holy beings within their religion such as Kokopeli and the kachina spirits. The research conducted for the preliminary chapters on the Hopi-Indian tribe and their symbols immensely aided the stylistic analysis of these solo flute works. The performance suggestions and interpretations by the author serve merely as an aid for the performer to clarify both structure and style.